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  1. Vials of CCl4, NH3, and C6H6 gases are released simultaneously across the room from you. Which would you smell first? Why? Which would you smell last? Why?

  2. The gases shown in the diagram below were released at the same time. Place an X where you believe the reaction would take place and explain why you chose that spot.

  3. The velocity of fluorine gas at 25.00C is 25.0 meters/second. What is the velocity of chlorine gas at the same temperature?

  4. The velocity of NH3 gas is 20.0 meters/second at 75.00C. What is the velocity of oxygen gas at the same temperature?

  5. The velocity of hydrogen gas at 50.00C is 20.0 meters/second. An unknown gas has a velocity of 10.0 meters/second at the same temperature. What is the molar mass of the unknown?